Why I Do It

Why I Do It

I do it for my mom. Because she doesn’t deserve working every single waking moment of her life. Because she never deserved the Puerto Rican government stealing away her retirement. Because she worked so, so hard to give me a great education.

I do it for my dad. Because I inherited his entrepreneurial blood. Because I know he’s proud of everything I do, for everything I have and will become. Because he taught me how the world works — and never hid its complexity nor nuance, even when I couldn’t understand it.

I do it for my grandparents. Because I want them to see me graduate and become a successful entrepreneur. Because I want them to make them proud in the little time I have left with them.

I do it for my future family. Because I remember how difficult it was when my family went bankrupt. Because I remember those difficult conversations and being afraid of coming home to nothing left.

I do it for myself. Because I can never stay still. Because I enjoy a great challenge. Because I never want to be a cog in the system.

I do it because I want to ding the universe. Because I don’t want to die without leaving my small dent in this huge, huge thing called the Universe. And, of course, because I can.

That’s why I do it.


Sergio Mattei

Founder and student