There's a point about optimism in here somewhere...

There's a point about optimism in here somewhere...

Shallow dismissals are unproductive.

I have a couple of posts from HN I'd like to share.

First Hacker News post on Bitcoin (c. 2008)


Dropbox's Show HN


The point

  • Dismissals are easy. They require little to no thought, being knee-jerk reactions to change we don't understand.
  • Dismissals are comfortable. They don't require us to change our view of the world, they don't require the work of learning new things, neither do they require abstract thinking about the future (something we're not trained by evolution to do).
  • Dismissals keep us sane. In today's world of information overload, we must have some sort of filter. We're not equipped to rationally process every bit of information.

Some personal notes...

(everything from this point on is a brain-dump, trying to make sense of my thoughts)

  • With maturity and experience, you gain a better understanding of the world – which you can use to understand the impact of new technologies beyond taking dismissive postures.
  • Perspective roots from constant learning, new experiences and people.
  • Strong opinions come as a side-effect of perspective, and – whether optimistic or pessimistic – are inherently more productive than shallow dismissals.
  • Nobody could've predicted the success of both of these technologies. You just couldn't: it's luck. However, with perspective you can have either a bearish or bullish opinion on the technology, something which is not possible with a shallow dismissal/understanding of it. It's better to understand it and agree/disagree than just dismiss it right out of the bat.

In a nutshell...

  • Know when you're being dismissive, and try to understand why you're reacting that way.
  • Initially assuming a positive outlook on things can be more productive than being dismissive right off the bat.
  • Optimism changes the way you approach something: open-minded and ready to learn vs. defensive and assuming you know it all.
  • Don't be a fool, either.

Feel free to send me more legendary examples, I want to grow this post ❤️

Sergio Mattei

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