Remote-First COVID Blooper Bingo

Remote-First COVID Blooper Bingo

Oh man. Here’s a list of stupid bloopers I’ve endured while doing the whole remote thing.

  • Entered a supremely important business meeting with a highly inappropriate Zoom background (had a bit of a meme session the week prior).
  • Fell asleep in a Zoom class, woke up an hour later in an empty classroom.
  • Meditated in a Zoom call for three minutes with my eyes closed while a meme video of a political rally was playing in the background (more hilarious than it sounds).
  • Posted an accidentally CTRL-V’d slightly romantic text message to a GitHub issue.
  • Turned up in a Zoom class and had the camera on for 10 minutes without noticing.
  • Said a series of curse words loudly and noticeably while on a Zoom call (thankfully I was muted, but… pretty obvious what I was saying).
  • Expressed my attendance for an online class while taking a call from the local shop saying my online order was ready.
  • Did the wrong homework because I couldn’t find the proper problems between the 16 different platforms we need to use daily to get educated.

Here’s to more bloopers in the remote age.

Sergio Mattei

Founder and student