Dec 29, 2022

Discovering FigJam

I absolutely adore FigJam. It's been there, hiding in plain sight, and I never even bothered to try it.

It's now become my favorite brainstorming tool: it's (close to) the perfect digital moodboard for me.

What's been getting me interested in moodboards lately is my quick adoption of Apple's Freeform: when I first found out they were going to launch it in an update, I became ecstatic. I'd been dreaming of a well-integrated, well-functioning moodboarding app for a while.

Turns out... it's a dumpster fire. I mean, Freeform works fine, it's just not there yet. It's like an MVP. FigJam, on the other hand, works great! It's even better as it works directly within Figma, my primary design tool.

Loving this FigJam thing.