Apr 4, 2023 📝 Draft

Going Wide and Deep

I once was an impressionable kid. I bought the hustle narrative wholesale. It's not an enriching life, and after I escaped that rat race – that's when all the fun and learning began.

In a truly intense "daily hustle", you don't learn or do much. It's repetitive, boring and too structured.

We grow via new experiences, both in and out of the career ambit. Well-rounded people don't result out of "the right moves" or "the correct 20s playbook", they result from a wide array of experiences across many facets of life.

Hustle culture typically encourages depth of knowledge via structure and repetition. The most successful individuals, however, appear to combine their deep expertise of one field with a wide array of experiences across many fields.

Don't just go deep into your career, go wide across many facets of life. Enjoy the warmth of great friendships, the depth of many interests, and the serendipity that comes from stepping into the unknown.

Someday, these experiences will serve as useful tools. They're the edge you'll need in a room of hyperfocused career-ites.

That's the only routine one should have in their 20s: going wide while going deep. But mostly, going wide.