Sep 16, 2021

Doing Whatever I Want

Doing Whatever I Want

The past few months have been a self-discovery journey full of surprises.

I've done crazy things like jumping off a plane. I've discovered many mind-bending facts about myself. I've left behind many internalized fears around dating and vulnerability. I've developed a fashion sense – making myself feel more comfortable in my own skin. I started going to a gym. I've learned new hobbies and started to take better care of myself. I've departed from startups and projects that weren't working.

I'm on a path of self improvement, full of discovery and free of bullshit.

I'm enjoying my early 20s. I'll explore the world at my own pace, thank you very much.

In a way, this feels like the rebound from years of pressures and insecurities. Pressures about what to do during my early 20s. Expectations about what I should become. A disillusionment with the bullshit-peddling machine that is hustle culture.

I'm making things at my own pace. I'm not pressuring myself to build anything. It'll get finished when it gets finished.

It feels good to do whatever you want. It's liberating, refreshing and the best way to reboot the soul.