Dec 7, 2021

Take Naps Outside

Sunday was an incredibly stressful day for me. I was anxiously pacing around my room: Monday was shaping to be a heavy day and the week looked like absolute chaos.

Then I did something: I couldn’t handle it anymore. I simply decided I would… stop. I put my phone on Do Not Disturb (receiving Slack and WhatsApp messages, even if I don’t address them, just generally causes stress), opened my balcony door, laid some sheets and a pillow, and started reading a book.

I felt the wind hit my face and body. A peaceful silence calmed me down. I fell asleep reading my book.

My stress vanished. I no longer felt the weight of the week. I was just calmly laying in some sheets, without worries or concerns. There was no business that could interrupt me. No bugs or feedback to stress me out. Just me and the wind.

Take naps outside.