Open the curtains

Open the curtains

The show begins now, folks.

I’ll be writing about my struggles building a sustainable business, rambling about life and love, and other things that might not fit the realm of the previously stated categories.

Fancy speak for “I’m going to write about whatever the hell I want”.

As a starting point, I’ll talk a little bit about my day. My writings are ADHD-fueled rants, so please excuse the jumpy writing style.

Makerlog Update

I’m trying to grow Makerlog to a sustainable business that empowers makers, and shit’s hard. I just recently built a KPI dashboard, Caliper, because I strongly believe we can only be as effective as the data we have at hand.

I think it was a great time investment to centralize every critical stat of the business in a custom dashboard, and I hope to more accurately track growth now.

Meanwhile, the financials are getting tight. Incorporating was a huge strain of the budget, but necessary considering we’re going to raise funds starting now and continuing through EoY.

However, as pessimistic the previous statements may sound, I’m actually rather optimistic — we’re relentlessly chasing growth (building a bigger audience, better for advertisers) and relaunching Gold + Ads to better serve user needs. We’re moving fast and adapting fast.

I also had an interesting conversation with Hector, my co-founder, about a crucial “pivot or persevere” meeting we’re having sometime mid-2021. If we don’t see convincing growth by that time, critical action will need to be taken — regardless of me liking it or not. After all, I have a team to take care of and a business to build.

I’m giving my all to this, and it’s going to work. Let’s build.

Semester starts

Today my semester started, and I’m not excited. Chemistry’s going to wreck me.

That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Sergio Mattei

Founder and student