On Unexpected Passings

On Unexpected Passings

The great experiment you can only try once.
On Unexpected Passings

I recently attended the funeral of a family member. Not exactly close family, but not very far either. I considered him to be a pillar: solid as a rock, almost invincible.

His death was unexpected. It took us all by surprise. Since then, I've been thinking a lot about my own mortality.

These are the conclusions I reached.

  • If you're in your early 20's, unlike what hustle culture tells you, you're not guaranteed these years.
  • You could get hit by a truck tomorrow. How satisfied would you feel if you spent the prime years of your life killing yourself for the capitalist machine?
  • Don't kid yourself: self employment is part of the rat race.

We only have one shot at this wonderful experiment. It could be taken away at any moment.

Don't fuck it up.


Sergio Mattei

Founder and student