Here's what I'm up to right now.

NOTE: I don't update this often. Sorry!

Here are my priorities at the moment.

  • First and foremost, myself. I'm currently optimizing for maximum comfort and happiness, as the startup life has me a little burned out.
  • Starting my life. I'm actively working on making some money to move out and get started. Likely moving to the United States in the next three years.
  • School. I'm almost done with my Computer Science degree, and lately, I'm starting to find it a satisfying experience.
  • Projects. I'll detail this below, but this is my current last priority given the previous points.

Here are a couple of ideas I'm contemplating.

  • Personal branding. There's a lot I want to work on around my brand. Hard to explain it right now, but it's on my mind.
  • Vlogging. I've always wanted to vlog! I love recording myself, and I feel there'd be some value to me sharing how I work on my projects.
  • Understanding Web3. I'm really getting into NFTs (mostly generative art) and Ethereum lately. I feel I could apply a pragmatic mindset to solving the inherent usability problems Web3 faces.

Here are the projects I'm working actively on.

  • Paddle revenue tool. I've always had problems tracking my revenue from Paddle accurately, so I wrote a library that extracts this data and I want to turn it into a SaaS like Baremetrics.
  • Amazon, Reddit review tool. It started as a meme, but I'm working on a site that aggregates product reviews from Reddit and does basic sentiment analysis for a product score.
  • Products API. Through my Amazon endeavor, I've found scraping data from retailers for Amazon products is ridiculously annoying. An API that gets product info would be great. I already know where to start.
  • Blog posts. I talk about this but I never do it. I'm working on a few: I want to document my process more.
  • UseIndie (dead). I briefly worked on a more indie/bootstrapped Product Hunt competitor, but it never materialized. I don't think I want to start another community product at the time.
  • Makerlog. I'm not working on it actively, but I pick up a Figma file occasionally to play with concepts for the site.

Here are some things I need help with.

  • Perfectionism. I'm a little rusty when it comes to making and launching new stuff, so it's a struggle for me to get things out the door at the moment.

And finally, here's a happy me right now.