I've Been Busy

I've Been Busy

It's been, I think, six months since the last time I posted?
I've Been Busy

Hi all. It's been, I think, six months since the last time I posted? Or at least it felt that way, in the internationally-recognized "felt like that" unit of measure.

Look, I've been busy. Not with work, but with improving myself (as I've been on for the past 2 years).

I'm enjoying my early 20s. I'm going out, having fun with friends, learning to live as an adult.

  • Making subtle but big career moves as well to have some stability in the best times of my life.
  • Learning to have fun. Seriously. (Turns out I like to party...)
  • Discovering more about myself and my upbringing.
  • Challenging core beliefs from how I was raised.
  • Not being such an ass with my money. Learning to spend money on fun, experiences and myself.
  • Spending more time out (spending time in isolation drains my energy, severely warps my perception of myself).
  • Renewing relationships with friends and family.
  • Picked up new hobbies, like photography. Say hi to shots from my baby, the Sony a6000.
  • Loving my island: I almost feel like it's the promised land. Lots of problems, but lots to love. I love my people, the nature, everything about PR.
  • Getting back my (raw, intense, extroverted) social energy after years of lockdown.
  • Getting my shit together with good habits.
  • Loving my university: it feels like a magical experience. Nobody except those who go to UPR-RP gets it. It's just surreal to be there: the vibes, the learning, the diversity, the people.

I could go on and on... but... I'm doing fine. I have my bad days, as everyone else does, but I like to think I've fixed my mindset about them: it's a bad day, not a bad life.

I'm struggling a bit with my maker discipline, though. I don't feel the urge to make as I did before, mostly because most of my life is handled at the moment. Perhaps I used workaholism to hide from something. Or perhaps I don't have an idea I'm too passionate about. Whatever, I'll figure it out.

I'll figure it out: what a powerful sentence. It exudes confidence: no matter what happens, I know I'll be fine. I'll figure it out.

The Roaring 20s are here. Onwards.

Here's a new playlist. Listen to it in order. Enjoy!


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