Dressing Right

Dressing Right

You're not being very bold, friend.
Dressing Right

Lord, my opinions on fashion have changed lately. I've began dressing right: actively looking for fashion inspiration, spending money on clothing and generally caring about how I look.


Because it feels great to look good. To put on an outfit you know looks bomb on you. To feel comfortable in your own skin.

Departing minimalism

Man, minimalist fashion is such bullshit. I really thought I was being "bold" by wearing the same shirts and jeans daily.

Everyone has the same damn outfit. Everyone's doing the minimalist thing in tech. It's the Zuckerberg, the billionaire look. And almost everyone who does it looks like shit (including me).

You really want to be bold? Dare to dress good. Dare to try on a new fucking outfit.

If you're a nomad or don't have a budget for spending on clothes, obviously, don't do this. Clothes aren't exactly cheap.


Sergio Mattei

Founder and student