Asynchronous Learning is BS

Asynchronous Learning is BS

There, I said it.

Bash me all you want, but this second COVID semester is — put plainly — total utter bullshit.

Last semester I could cope with online learning because:

  • Professors would minimum turn up to class and answer questions in a zoom call.
  • There was structure: I had a clear daily schedule to follow — a huge productivity boon for myself, a fellow ADHD-er.
  • Study time had clear boundaries with sync class: no professors sending homework too late or video lessons to watch at any time — there was one time slot and that was THE time slot (extra study time aside).

All of this is gone, and it sucks.


  • If you’re giving semi-asynchronous class: you know what, this is the sweet spot. Meeting with students once a week to have a time slot to answer questions and reunite the class — much appreciated.
  • If you’re giving synchronous class: thanks for turning up for your students.
  • If you’re giving purely asynchronous class: at LEAST have available office hours and turn up every once in a while.

I’m grateful to not be graduating with student debt, as my university is quite cheap (save public education!). Anyone getting in student debt for this deserves a drink… or a gap year.

As a frame of reference: I’ve been an autodidact most of my life. But I can’t cope with this.

Asynchronous learning is… not it, fam.

Sergio Mattei

Founder and student