Hi! I'm Sergio Mattei — maker, entrepreneur, self-taught programmer and student.

What I've made

  • Makerlog, a community of 7k+ software developers building projects in public.
  • Cowork, a productivity tool for remote teams. (past)
  • Taleship, a community for writing stories collaboratively, MSFT Imagine Cup 2017 project. (past)
  • Alphasquare, a knowledge-sharing community for developers. (past)
  • Coverpy, a library for fetching album covers from the iTunes Search API.
  • Mxious, a music discovery platform I never finished.
  • Eduview, an app that allows you to view public school performance throughout Puerto Rico, built in 24 hours for HackPR 2016, third place statistics.
  • PulseData, a tiny hobby data science project for public PR government datasets.
  • What A! Forums, my first website back when I was 10 years old. Surprisingly, it's still up.


  • I can play cuatro, a traditional Puerto Rican instrument, with great ease and skill.
  • I'm passionate about sociology, foreign policy, politics and philosophy.
    • I want to get a master's in sociology sometime later in life.
  • I have an interest in city planning, infrastructure and architecture.
  • I'm a big history nerd.
    • I'm particularly interested in non-Western societies.
    • I'm particularly interested in repressive regimes.
      • I don't know why. I don't align with their ideologies.
      • They're just so different and secretive.
  • I have quite the interest in aviation.
    • I know my way around the industry and its history.
    • I used to play MS Flight Simulator with my dad as a kid.
      • That experience kicked off my interest in the industry.
      • I really cherish those memories.
  • Roadtrips are my jam.
  • I made it to world quarterfinals as a solo founder to Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017.
    • That was really fun.
    • They taught me quite a bit: when I arrived to MSFT PR, I didn't even know how to pitch.
    • Big thanks to Yamille, Ernesto and the team for the mentorship. I will forever treasure those moments.
    • I traveled to Seattle and met so many amazing folks.
    • I was featured on El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico's largest newspaper.
  • This video capturing the moment Ricardo Rosselló quit as governor after a month long of arduous protests is probably favorite video ever.
  • I love these songs 🇵🇷