Hi! I'm Sergio Mattei — maker, entrepreneur, self-taught programmer and student.

What I've made

  • Makerlog, a community of 7k+ software developers building projects in public.
  • Cowork, a productivity tool for remote teams. (past)
  • Taleship, a community for writing stories collaboratively, MSFT Imagine Cup 2017 project. (past)
  • Alphasquare, a knowledge-sharing community for developers. (past)
  • Coverpy, a library for fetching album covers from the iTunes Search API.
  • Mxious, a music discovery platform I never finished.
  • Eduview, an app that allows you to view public school performance throughout Puerto Rico, built in 24 hours for HackPR 2016, third place statistics.
  • PulseData, a tiny hobby data science project for public PR government datasets.
  • What A! Forums, my first website back when I was 10 years old. Surprisingly, it's still up.
It's an adrenaline-high me.